Online coaching is a great way to get all the perks of a personal trainer but giving you more flexibility to your day to day life. Here at O W Fitness we take pride in all that we offer so regardless if you are near or far we will ensure that you get the results you seek. Check out our online coaching packages by clicking the link below for full details

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The perfect mix between a personal trainer and an online coach



This is face to face personal training with a twist!

With the hybrid coaching package you get the perfect mix between online coaching and a personal trainer. Our coach will take you under their wing for the first week to teach you the training plans that you will find on our app to ensure you  understand from here you are then left to train as and when you like armed with the knowledge that our coach teaches you to gain the results but still have the face to face contact with a coach. From this point you are then put onto a performance plan which is the online coaching side and your allocated coach takes care of your nutrition and planning. You then arrange to see your coach again when changes are made to the training plans to coach you through changes.

Prices for this vary depending on you so if you think this is the right track for you then get in touch today and see how we can achieve your goals together!


We offer a few one off services that may help you along your journey. These services are available to anyone in the UK If you want to find out more then contact our team today to get more information.

Push-Up Bars



Find out what you are intolerant too as well and deficient in to help aid results and general health