Hear what our clients have to say

I have a problem with my lower back and 7 months ago crises came, almost 1 week I was in bed not able to move. The osteopath advised me that the problem is my job with the long time which I spend sitting and my muscles in the area are not strong. He advised me to start with yoga or Pilates , however I was not sure about that. For that reason I decided to start with fitness. So I joined the Deben centre, at the beginning I had 2 free sessions with Owen ,I explained to him the issue with my lower back and after the 2 free sessions I paid for 12 more session. When we started I was 119.3kg and after a few sessions Owen weight me and I had dropped to 109 , he advised me that actually I eat not enough and created a nutrition plan for me. I started to eat in the morning, increased the protein and tried to reduce the carbs(not always possible). At the moment my back is perfect almost no pain and I am 90 kg.

Radoslav Stankov

I have been having Personal training from Owen for 8 weeks, I am amazed by my results so far. I have struggled with diets and exercise for over 17 years and nothing I tried seemed to have much effect. Owen has given me advice on eating the right types of food and exercise plans for each day that I’m at the gym so that I don’t get bored. I love the training sessions as Owen helps me to push myself further than I think I can go. I am already feeling a lot fitter and Owen has helped me reduce my body fat significantly. I’m looking forward to hitting all my targets.
I highly recommend Owen, he is passionate about what he does and takes the time to listen.

Anna Jordinson

"Owen has been amazing from day one when he was originally instructed by a medical professional dealing with me to help me strengthen my left knee following some muscle atrophy as a longer term result of both recovering from a serious road accident and having to shield during the first covid lockdown. After a month and a bit, this progressed to focusing on weight loss and it was brilliant to have the nutrition advice as well as exercise schedules and (when covid restrictions allowed) in person sessions. I often joke with Owen saying these workout sessions amount to torture, but it really is torture that is worth it! I'm feeling great about myself, the progress I have made and am so much more motivated to continue."

Stephen Jones

"I contacted Owen after I became confused about nutrition whilst trying to maximise weight loss but without jeopardising my training for a marathon in 12 weeks. Owen responded quickly and came to meet me at my home to discuss my concerns. He has provided me with a solid nutrition plan for the coming weeks and helped me with managing the plan using MyFitnessPal and my FitBit. In addition, he's offered to keep in touch through my training and help to tweak the nutrition plan as the marathon approaches to ensure that I am getting enough carbs in my diet towards race day. Thanks Owen and highly recommended."

Matthew Oakley

"Have been training with Owen for the past 5 months, and have to say I really enjoy it.
Owen is a very calm and professional trainer and soon gets to know your limits.
We normally train in a group of 10 with a wide age group which again is not an issue.

I am a 46 male who joined not only for the fitness but also a sufferer with high blood pressure, was advised to take up some form of exercise.


So whether it for general fitness or health reasons give OW Fitness a go."

Marcus Ward

"Have really enjoyed my gym journey with Owen so far.  I never thought I’d ever say it but I’m really missing not being able to go to the gym at the moment.  Owen makes the sessions fun and is very encouraging.  He listened to what I wanted to achieve before coming up with a tailored programme and changes as and when necessary."

Suzi Macey

"In the limited period spent training, Owen has raised my awareness of fitness that is achievable, and of motivation that is possible. 6 weeks without training has been 6 weeks missed! Technical assessment has been good, and more tests to illustrate where weaknesses exist will be good."

Richard Gaskell